The Power of a Letter

Greetings, Beloved Disciples at St. John Making Disciples and other listeners in–

Awhile back I wrote about Amy Wolgemuth Bordini, a friend from elementary school who had grown up into a thoughtful and well written wife, mother and blogger, among other things.  Amy’s blog can be found here:

Looking for Poetry in the Everyday Madness: the best thing about working is not working.

At any rate, in a recent post Amy encouraged her readers to write a letter to their child as school was starting back up (as you can tell I’m a bit behind in my blog reading!).  In it she referenced a powerful article AND letter written by a fellow blogger.  Here’s that one:

The Talk – Momastery » Momastery.

Powerful stuff, indeed.  I took a few minutes to skim through the rest of this woman’s blog and want to reccommend it to you to add to your favorites, especially if you’re a mom of younger kids and especially if you’ve ever been abused, physically, verbally, emotionally, or some combination of all three.  The current blog speaks especially well to the latter folk, just by her telling her own story.  Here’s the link:


Well, that’s it for now.  God go with and bless us all, that we might be a blessing to others!

Pastor Paul