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  1. Did all of you Council members approve of the signage on your board in back of your church? That is the one facing
    West Jefferson that recently said “Free Wine on Sundays!”

    As council members and representatives of your church, I say “shame on you.” Life is indeed meant to be enjoyed and there is much to cause laughter, but witicisms concerning Holy Commnion is NOT one of them.

    Your neighbor,

    Jeremy Sims

  2. [Jeremy, I tried emailing this directly to the email we had with your comment, but the email was delayed several times for some reason and then I was told it failed permanently. So I hope you get this reply instead! And sorry it’s been awhile since you posted your comment, but now you know why . . .]

    Dear Jeremy-

    Thank you for taking a few moments to share your thoughts and feelings 1/24 regarding our sign, “Free Wine on Sundays.” I appreciate your concern over our apparent disregard for the sacrament of Holy Communion. I assure you that disrespect was in no way intended on our part, although you were not the only person who communicated to us the sense that disrespect/disregard was nonetheless being conveyed.

    The ‘rest of the story’ here is that I asked my catechism class to change the sign, and since I was asking them to do the work, I thought it appropriate that they would get to choose what phrase to put up. I gave them several different choices, from which they chose this one. Clearly not the best choice, but I nonetheless honored their choice and allowed them to put it up. My next mtg with them is this coming Saturday morning, and during our time together I will be sharing some of the negative feedback we received, again not just from you, as a ‘teachable moment’ about trying to be careful how our words (and actions) might be received. I welcome your prayers for that conversation.

    As you have most likely seen, we have changed the sign. I hope you can forgive me and not hold any hard feelings toward the church or anyone associated with it (myself included) moving forward.

    If you’d like to talk further about this matter, either on the phone or in person, my contact info is below.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Pastor Paul Offhaus

    Cc: Ms. Jane Gresham, Council Chair

    Rev. Paul A. Offhaus
    St. John Lutheran Church, where We Envision a World Fed and Led by God

    Our Mission: Fed and Led by God, we live as a neighbor–
    – in the West Central community,
    – the city of Fort Wayne, and
    – all the world.

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