Cemetery Plot Pricing

Prices as of January 2016



Members                                        $750.00
Non Members                              $940.00
Babyland                                         $230.00


Open/Close Burial:

Adults                                               $775.00

Saturdays                                        $900.00

Sunday/Holidays                          $975.00


Urn or Vault                                   $400.00

Sat. Urn or Vault                           $450.00

Sun./Holiday Urn or Vaults      $600.00


Babyland                                         $470.00

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  1. Could you please call me as soon as is convenient for you. I have questions about a cemetery plot on Engle Road. My phone numbers are
    Home: 219-762-6100
    Mobile: 219-895-4547
    Email: mkpacker@frontier.com
    I’d like to know what your procedures are for selling my plot. Do you take it back from me or do I have to sell it myself?
    Thank you for your help.

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