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For more information please contact the church office at 260-426-5751 during office hours Monday – Friday from 8:30 am-3:30 pm or after hours at 260-385-5244.

Mailing Address:
St John Ev.Lutheran Church
729 W.Washington Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

  1. I left a message for Donna Weber to call me to determine if a plot and headstone for Marilyn Toole was purchased many years ago. I’m her court appointed legal guardian and really need to locate this information.

  2. Pat, Donna said she has called and left 2 messages for you, she does not see a plot for her in our cemetery. Please check your voicemail and let me know if you did not get these.

    Parish Secretary

  3. Hi I am doing family research and I hope you can help me. I know you have a Caroline A Weber (1878-1963) and her husband John G Weber (1860-1950) buried there. I am wondering if you can verify it is the Caroline I am looking for. She would have been born in Wisconsin. Her maiden name was Trester. Her mother’s maiden name was Reinwand. Thanks. Joan Young

  4. I’m trying to locate the date of death for Marcia Packer-King. She is buried in your cemetery with K Earl Packer. Could you provide me with this information?

  5. I believe the date you are looking for is 31 Aug 2014.

  6. My Name is Gerald Dahman and I was visiting your cemetery in September of 2017. My father Thomas J Dahman and several more family members are there. I live in San Diego Ca. My grandmother was also buried there. Her name is Marguerite E Dahman. She was suppose to be buried next to my grandfather Eugene J Dahman. My concern is my grandmothers passing date is not on the tombstone. At the time of her passing I was living overseas. My aunt Sally Waters was in charge of the arrangements. Unfortunately she has passed herself. I am wondering why the passing date is not on my grandmothers tombstone. If you could giving any information it would greatly be appreciated. Thank You

  7. Hi Gerald, thanks for your inquiry into your relatives tombstone at our cemetery. St John Cemetery does not have responsibility with the tombstones and it is up to the family of the one who passed that will need to have the dates on those markers engraved. You will need to contact a local company to have that done if you so wish to. Let me know if you have any further questions or need referral of a company that could do that for you.

    God Bless,
    Jamie, Parish Secretary at St John Lutheran Church responding for the Cemetery Board.

  8. Hello I was curious if the cemetery on Engle road was in need of leaf clean up or mowing this upcoming season! I run a family owned mowing service here in waynedale and have experience in cemetery work clean up wise as I still do the work now . I can send over my price sheet of per hour . Or if hiring for the location I am very interested as well. Bless and thank you.

  9. Selina,

    I have forwarded your information on to our Cemetery committee and if they are interested they will reach out to you, thanks!

    Parish Secretary

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