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As long as Pastor Paul is your called pastor, St. John will never close for Sunday worship services. The only exception would be a “Warning” (“red”) level snow emergency (the highest level of local travel advisory) as declared by Allen County, which means the public is directed to refrain from all travel. Note: this information can be found online at So as winter is upon us, please know that no matter how fast and furious the snow flies on a Saturday night or Sunday morning, St. John will (almost) always be open and a pastor will be present for services. At the same time, members and guests should still exhibit caution and take into account road conditions as described by the county.

How would you like your home blessed?

A Home Blessing is a wonderful way to welcome and invite God into your home, whether a new or long time resident, whether a house, an apartment or mobile home.  The blessing usually involves  prayer, lighting a candle, Bible readings and moving from room to room to bless various areas of your home.

Pastor Paul enjoys providing this service to folk, whether a member of St. John or a neighbor in our wider community.  Just call the church office at 426-5751, x100 to set up a time and/or learn more.