About St. John Lutheran Church

You Are Welcome!

St John is a warm and welcoming church. There is a sense of family and being accepted where you are. St John is an active church, transforming lives and preparing people to serve the community. It is a place to grow in your faith journey with a daring confidence in God’s grace to do God’s work in Christ’s name.

Come and see!

I visited many churches before- I never felt more welcomed then when I visited St. John!” – Dennis

“I was new to town- I felt right at home from the beginning.” -Bob

I enjoy the monthly WELCA circle meetings (Women of the Evangelical Church in America). It is where I have developed new friendships” – Julie

  1. I remember when I was at their school, me and my friends had a blast until the school part closed the church is a great church and it has sooo many memories and means a lot to me and others and I hope and plan to start going back to their church

  2. the church makes you feel like your at home

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