About St. John Lutheran Church

You Are Welcome!

St John is a warm and welcoming church. There is a sense of family and being accepted where you are. St John is an active church, transforming lives and preparing people to serve the community. It is a place to grow in your faith journey with a daring confidence in God’s grace to do God’s work in Christ’s name.

Come and see!

I visited many churches before- I never felt more welcomed then when I visited St. John!” – Dennis

“I was new to town- I felt right at home from the beginning.” -Bob

I enjoy the monthly WELCA circle meetings (Women of the Evangelical Church in America). It is where I have developed new friendships” – Julie

  1. I remember when I was at their school, me and my friends had a blast until the school part closed the church is a great church and it has sooo many memories and means a lot to me and others and I hope and plan to start going back to their church

  2. the church makes you feel like your at home

  3. Is Tony still with the Church? I met him in early 2015. I forgot his last name. Shelton? On Wednesdays, he handed out Community Harvest Food Vouchers.A large, heavy set man. GOOD MAN INDEED!

  4. Hi Larry, yes Tony Shelton is still the care minister here at St John and still doing things on Wednesday nights! I will pass along your wonderful comments!

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