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What a great event this past Saturday evening along Broadway! We are proud to be a part of this neighborhood!

Kudos to Fancy & Staple, Kay Gregg, Peter Lupkin, Julie Wall and all the others who organized this wonderful event--thank you!

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ART on Broadway + Kay Gregg Art Opening

March 25, 2017, 5:00pm - March 25, 2017, 7:00pm

Who's ready to party??!! It's been awhile since our last event...so we are indeed...ready to party 🎉 🎉🎉 And! We're especially excited this time for a number of reasons: First, we're teaming up with The HEDGE, Terry Ratliff Fine Art, Peter Lupkin Designs, and Art by Alexandra Hall for an art hop party on Broadway, appropriately titled "Art on Broadway". Woo-Hoo 😃 Between the five of us, there will be food, booze, live music, workshops, a mural debut, and art...lots of art!!! Second, St. Monci, one of the coolest artists I know of, will be painting a mural here at Fancy. We thought it would be fitting to debut his finished product during this art event and we couldn't be more thrilled to show it off 🙏🏼 If ya'll aren't familiar with his work, you should definitely check him. It's really incredible! Third, the lineup for this event is so kick-ass 🤘🏼 We have the art opening for Kay Graphic, Omaha, Alaska playing (7p), Tacos Bravas truck out front, Trubble Brewing cash bar, our St. Monci mural debut, and a macrame workshop by Knotoday (SOLD OUT). PLUS, all the other participants for this "Art on Broadway" event will feature their own festivities 🎈🎈🎈 Literally - Can't - Wait p.s. Totally kid friendly - Bring them kiddos!!!

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Closer to God this Lent
(The following words of encouragement come from Pastor Debra Meuter, our neighbor at Gethsemane Lutheran Church. Thanks, Pastor Debra, for sharing!)

The season of Lent can sometimes get a bad rap. We might think that it's dark or dreary. Or that it's depressing.

No, Lent is not supposed to be any of those things. When we understand and use them, we can see how the disciplines of Lent actually benefit us!

What about fasting? Eating less or skipping a meal might be the last thing we want to do. The idea is that we give up the extra so that we are sharper spiritually. Christian fasting isn't a diet. If you skip that meal as a fast, you use the time that you would have spent preparing and eating the food to pray and meditate. You give the time completely to God. And the expense for the meal can be given to the local food pantry. In fasting you have brought yourself closer to God and helped someone who doesn't have enough food. The same is true with setting aside a favorite treat. Giving up chocolate for Lent only means something if it brings you closer to God and more aware of how Jesus gave up so much for us. Doesn't sound quite as heroic and spiritual when we put it that way, does it? If you're going to give something up, make it something that really matters. Then every moment that you miss it, consider Jesus' betrayal and denial by his friends. Consider the beatings, pain and bloodshed, and finally death, he experienced as he paid the price for all our sins. This way, we see fasting as an aid to developing spiritual hunger for God.

There's more to the disciplines of Lent, but this is enough to consider for now. Lent can bring us closer to our loving Savior. It can remind us that we are poor sinners, in need of God's love. We might not always like to know this, but deep in our hearts we know it is true AND it points out to us how much God loves us. That is a reminder we can always use!

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