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9:00 am EDT St John Worship Service
St John Worship Service
Mar 8 @ 9:00 am EDT – 10:00 am EDT
11:00 am EDT Worship Service
Worship Service
Mar 8 @ 11:00 am EDT – 12:00 pm EDT
1:00 pm EDT NA Meeting
NA Meeting
Mar 8 @ 1:00 pm EDT – 3:30 pm EDT

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(for filing under potentially trivial information to spring on unsuspecting folk during Lent, especially if it's a Sunday . . .)

"Sundays in Lent are not considered part of the forty (40) days of the Lenten season and therefore one is not required to uphold one’s Lenten penitence. For example, if you gave up eating desserts for Lent, you may have a piece of cake on a Sunday.

The forty days of Lent are considered to be Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday (up until the Easter Vigil in which it becomes the Easter Season) not including the six Sundays throughout.

Why are Sundays not a part of Lent?

Sundays, even during Lent, are a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and are not part of the penitential season. We rejoice in the resurrection of the Lord on Sundays. If you feel that forsaking your Lenten sacrifices on Sundays is like cheating then you are encouraged to maintain your sacrifices. A person is certainly free to continue one’s Lenten sacrifices on Sundays, but the Catholic Church does not require anyone to do this."

Thought had great message! ...

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St. John Lutheran Church has a variety of worship offerings. from our traditional Sunday service to non-traditional offerings, we have what you want from a worship experience!

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Stay informed about what's happening at St. John Lutheran Church. We have weekly/monthly newsletters as well as a full calendar. See what's going on and how you can Get Involved!

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Cemetery Info

The St. John Lutheran Cemetery is a beautiful place to remember your loved ones. Find your families resting place or learn more about what the cemetery offers.

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Take part in some of the many fantastic missions taking place at St. John's. From continuing education to assisting the food bank, our missions offer a rewarding experience to all.

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