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Had a great time at the Cincinnati Quake this past weekend! Thanks to all for your prayers for safe travels and a good experience for our young people. I'd say they were answered! ...

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Dear Fellow Beloved Disciple of Jesus Fed and Led by God:

Happy New Year! May God’s presence and power fill you and yours in the coming year, that you might in turn be a blessing to those around you with God’s grace, peace and power.

One significant happening right now at St. John is the repair of our ceiling, followed close on the heels by the installation of new carpet. New carpet was last installed in September of 1987 – just weeks before the wedding of our office secretary, Jamie Robbins. Two things are true about these two happenings: (1) they are inconvenient interruptions, and (2) they cost a lot of money. Now if these were the only two things that were true about a repaired ceiling and new carpet, as a congregation we of course wouldn’t really want to have them done. But the interruption and the cost are only two parts of the story. The rest of the story is this: the improvements, though costly and inconvenient, are worth the cost and time spent away from our beautiful sanctuary; in having them completed, we are being good stewards of the worship space that our spiritual (and in some cases, physical) ancestors have entrusted to us. Because of your efforts and patience over the next 1-2 months, our sanctuary will continue to resound with the sounds of worship and the proclamation of the Word, to the glory of God and the building of the Kingdom.

I suppose you might consider your regular and faithful giving in a similar light. It’s difficult at times, especially if you, like many, write that check to St. John as the first check when it comes time to pay bills, so that at times some bills may not get paid, or some non-essential yet still desired items may not be purchased . Giving, especially if you are tithing or above a tithe, takes a significant portion of your monthly income away. In other words, it’s costly and inconvenient. Yet in so doing in this area, you are also being a good steward of the resources God has entrusted to you. May God continue to be gracious and merciful to you—and may we all be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us!

Pastor Paul Offhaus

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Christmas Eve candlelight service. ...

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